Bayview Lights Illumination

Bayview Lights

Imprint.City in partnership with the Bayview Opera House developed lighting installation created by resident and local merchant Mike Lacina (JK Sounds) on the 3rd Street Village located at 4716-4120 Third Street in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood.

This project sought to enliven the Third Street Corridor, making it more amenable to the various activations. Such activations included those presented by our community partners as well as programming at the 3rd Street Village.

Illumination on the outside of buildings helps curb loitering and positively impacts businesses and foot traffic. Imprint.City plans to continue identifying vacant, dimly lit spaces in the neighborhood and created vibrate, artistic lighting that will encourage public safety and vibrancy.

Stay tuned as Imprint.City continues to develop the Bayview Lights Project.

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