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Bayview S.P.A.R.C

The BayviewSPARC Festival was conceptualized when Bayview resident and Imprint City co-founder, Tyra Fennell, who is an African American “Burner” noticed the lack of diversity at the festival and wanted to showcase the beauty of the Playa in the Bayview, an historically African American community.

The Flaming Lotus Girls (FLG), a Burning Man camp with a long-standing history as a cultural asset in the Bayview jumped at the opportunity to support Imprint City’s vision. FLG and Imprint City along with the Sextant Camp decided to create a space in the Bayview large enough to hold powerful, fire art, music and all that comes with Burner culture. In addition to Sextant Camp's Tesla Coils, BayviewSPARC has welcomed a myriad of Burning Man artists including Icarus, UNAVERZ, the Janky Barge, Black Rock Roller Disco, Merope, Geo-Triptychs, Lez Purr, Art Is Mobile Us as well as electro-solar powered bikes provided by Jump Bikes and Bayview resident Marc 'Zeke' Kossover who provided fun science lessons during the Festival. SPARC is a magic mixture of art, music, science and interactive surprises to inspire the senses and introduce hundreds of residents, Burners (Burning Man Festival lovers) and Burner-Curious patrons to the Bayview.

We hope it continues to grow for years to come.

About the Flaming Lotus Girls

The Flaming Lotus Girls is a group of artists who make interactive, large-scale fire and metal art installations. Our vision is to empower people to develop fabrication and leadership skills, and to become experienced artists by fostering a supportive hands-on educational environment. We began in 2000 as a group of six women and two men who wanted to design and build sculptural installations. Since then, we’ve grown to well over 100 members. Women are the majority here, but we welcome all genders.
Through regular meetings, collaborative design sessions, and skills workshops, we design and build our art through an open process with a flat organizational structure. All of our members are volunteers, and step up to tasks and management roles based on their commitment levels on a project basis.

Our work falls somewhere between sculpture and kinetics, and it always involves pyrotechnics and crowd interaction — we invite everyone to become part of the art. Our sculptures are made of some combination of steel, copper, aluminum, glass, resin, and wood, and they range in size from pretty small to really, really big. Our flame effects blaze from 2 inches to 100 feet.

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