Southside Festival

The Southside Festival seeks to identify and support the growing artistic talent in the Bayview Hunters Point, providing a platform to showcase their work. The Bayview neighborhood has 32,492 residents and through the Southside project, we hope to attract those who have largely been disconnected from the Third Street commercial corridor; re-introducing them local merchants.


Southside is a unique activation because it leverages music and art as a vehicle to bring individuals inside of merchant sites in Bayview. The festival will take place along the Third Street Corridor and in years prior has hosted events at Bayview Bistro, Seven Stills and Laughing Monk Brewing featuring neighborhood artists such as So Vicious, Stunnaman02, Kito Yohance and Baineco. Imprint.City has also forged a partnership with the 90xVision, a Bayview-based multi-media company, who assists us with media, marketing and outreach strategies, building a longer-term investment for sustainable events, to support the Bayview as a vital, emerging arts district.

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